Hello World

I have to admit, I’m a bit of a perfectionist. For too long, I’ve been too scared to let myself write down my thoughts on paper or on a screen, so I’ve let them bottle up in my brain. And, as we all know, what gets left in our brains will eventually be lost forever.

I have tons of draft blog posts sitting in my notes app. I keep telling myself that once I get my blog set up, I’ll devote more time to writing and publishing. Because as a web developer, I’m supposed to have a blog and portfolio site that I’ve hand-coded from scratch to show off my Mad Skillz. Guess how far along that is?

I bought Amy Hoy’s Just F#*!ing Ship a few days ago, which has been a real butt-kicker of a read. The (uncensored) title alone has been screaming at my OCD perfectionism like a drill sergeant for the past several days. But it was Principle 8 (“Shop the Shelf”) that finally got me to suppress my inner monologue, stop reading, and “Just F#*!ing Ship” a blog post. It doesn’t matter that I haven’t had made the time to get my own blog up - Medium is a perfectly fine place to store my ramblings, until I can get my own “house” set up.

I’ll keep writing about this soon. First, I just need to get something out the door to get past that initial wall of perfectionism and resistance.

In the words of Nike and Shia Labeouf…


November 30, 2017

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